Midbrook Metal Fabrication Factory

Additional Fabrication Equipment

• Cincinnati Model 1810, 1/4" x 10' Squaring Shear
• Hendley & Whitmore Initial Type 8' Bending Roll
• Kysor Johnson KJ-16 Horizontal Band Saw
• Matsuura Model MC-76V CNC Vertical Machining Center
• Miyano CNC 7BC, CNC Turning Center
• Floor Type Drill Presses
• Pratt & Whitney Jig Borer
• Milling Machines
• Grinders
• Bridgeport 2-HP, Variable Speed Milling Machine
• Bridgeport 2-HP, Variable Speed, CNC Mill Piranha Model P3 Ironworker
• Compaca 12 Ga Corner Notcher
• W.A. Whitney Model 652-50 Sheet Metal Duplicator
• Armstrong Model 8 Mark II, Vertical Tilt Band Saw
• Pullmax Model Z31 Vertical Bending Roll

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  • Guest (Bert McGuire)

    Now I know what colors to choose for me office, thank you!

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  • Guest (Brandon Morrison)

    The repairing does not seem that challenging any more. Great tips!

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