Understanding Sheet Metal

For our customer who are new to sheet metal projects and aren't quite sure what they need, we help you understand the benefits of working with different types of materials. Carbon Steel (Mild Steel) and Stainless Steel are the two most common types of metals used for fabrication projects. Because of their popularity, we often start with a high-level overview of the benefits, costs, and drawbacks of using each for your project.

In addition to these common types of sheet metal, we can also fabricate using many other materials, including:

Metal Laser CutterAlloy Steel
Metal Laser CutterTool Steel
Metal Laser CutterTitanium
Metal Laser CutterAluminum


We can even help you with non-metal materials

Common materials that we use include:

• Plexiglass
• Assorted Plastics
• Lexan
• Inconel
• and more!

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is also known as Mild Steel. Primary uses include: Structural fabrication, general fabrication, and guarding.

Most economical

20 gauge to 1/2 inch thick

Workability, Strength, Versatility, Forgiveness (can be un-welded and reattached)

Potential to corrode

Easily painted

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is popular for food-grade and industrial-grade fabrication. Primary uses include: Structural fabrication,tanks, food-grade fabrication, medical fabrication, decorative items, and consumer products.

Economical - but more expensive than carbon steel

20 gauge to 3/8 inch thick

Appearance, Finish, Corrosive-resistance, Durability


Can be painted, but not recommended