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World-class Experts and Full Production Capabilities at Your Fingertips

We offer over forty years of metal fabrication experience. We have built small items such as keychains and consumer goods all the way up to complete 5,000 square-foot assembly lines. Our customers represent some of the largest companies across several industries - including the automotive industry, aerospace industry, medical industry, and food and beverage industry - and we also work with some of the smallest companies, too! Many inventors, start-ups, sole proprieterships, and crafters rely on us to help them design and build their custom projects.

Whether our customers are big or small, whether the product can fit in your pocket or will take up an entire building - we apply the same expertise, professionalism, and high level of customer service to each and every project.

We offer our robust manufacturing capabilities and technical expertise to help you get your job done efficiently, effectively, and quickly! We are your "factory for hire" and we cannot wait to put our skills to work for you!

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Bring us an idea, a napkin sketch, or a problem that you need help solving, and our full team of experts are here to help you solve it quickly and affordably.

We have a long history of surpassing customer expectations. We have built our company strategically to ensure that we have the people, the resources, and production capability packaged together to meet your needs from start-to-finish.


Many fabricators only offer a few steps of the production process and have to outsource the project to get finished. Midbrook, LLC offers all services under one roof – from engineering to laser-cutting to bending to welding to electrical assembly – to paining and powder coating – to packaging. We provide one end-to-end solution under one roof, which means that your project gets done quickly and affordably!


One of the reasons why companies turn to us time and time again is because we approach every project with a watchful eye – if we see a better, quicker, more efficient or effective way to complete a project, we will let you know! It is not uncommon for us to save our customers as much as 25% of their production costs by providing expert advice and suggestions along the way.

We Begin with Your Priorities

Every project is unique. Some require fabulous finishes, some require extra enforcement, some require cost-efficiency for mass production. Whether you need factory-floor durability, a show-room finish, or a repeatable process to manufacture your consumer goods – we take the time to understand your most critical criteria at the beginning of the project to work towards YOUR goals.

Any Metal Project You Can Imagine!

From the very tiny to the very large. The vast array of equipment and expertise that we offer allow us to build virtually anything that you can imagine!

As Many or As Few Steps That You Need To
Get Your Project Done Right and On Time!

Idea Development

Need help with refining your idea? We don't need blue prints to get started - we can start with a simple conversation. We will help you define and scope your project and consider possible solutions.


Need us to help you design an idea? It doesn't have to be complicated! Many of our projects can get started with a simple hand-drawn sketch.

Planning and Measurements

We can often times help our customers the most by coming to your facility to help you design, plan, and measure the project on your own turf.

Design and Engineering

Need something more formal than a sketch? No problem! Our mechanical engineers and work with you to design and develop complete CAD Drawings, Solid Works Files, or other types of detailed blue prints.

OSHA Compliance

Building equipment for a factory floor? We can help ensure that any item you build is compliant with OSHA requirements and workplace safety requirements.

Laser or Water Jet Cutting

Maybe you don't care about the details - but we do! We are here to ensure you get the right type, thickness, and grade of metal perfectly cut to your specifications. We offer sheering, laser-cutting, or water-jet cutting.

Bending and Rolling

Most projects require more than flat metal - we can roll and/or bend a wide variety of metal types and thicknesses to make the parts and products that you need.


Our expert welders can make beautiful-looking, polished welds to industrial-grade welds for strength and endurance.

Powder Coating and Painting

Looking for that new-car finish? We can paint for safety, durability, or to accomplish the look that you are seeking! We also offer powder coating for projects that need a refined touch.

Fluid Cleaning

Designing a process that handles fluids? We can help! We can design, build, and install tanks, canister filters, resevoirs, or any other liquid-handling systems that you may need!

Electrical Design and Assembly

Does your project require electrical components? Our electrical engineers can help design, build, assemble, wire, program, and install all your electric needs - including PLC HMI controls.

Onsite Installation

Want us to come install your project for you? We can send a team to your location to build, install, or integrate your project right into your facility.

Shipping and Packaging

Need your products packaged or shipped? We have shipped items big and small around the world! Whether you need a small part prototyped overnighted to Boston or an entire assembly line of machines sent to Dubai - we

Everything You Need Start-to-Finish Under One Roof

From design and engineering to painting and finishing - your entire project will be completed under one roof!

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We will build you the best products at the best price as fast as possible.

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